Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Google Adsense & Christmas Knitting

Here's the thing.....I followed the bouncing ball and trusted Google with this Adsense thing, thinking it could eventually give me a couple of pennies just for the fun of it. FUN you say??? Balderdash! Google has bugs in the application form and no way to let them know except through their so-called forum. So I gave up, after all who is Google to tell me that Quebec does not exist in Canada????

Now I receive an email reminding me I need to finalize my Adsense account. SO I try again. Same error, same no way to contact them and get an answer.

Therefore I have deleted this !@#$%^ thing from my website until they get their act together.

And all this time I could be knitting.

Speaking of knitting, here are a few pictures of my Christmas gift knitting this year. Next year I promised myself to start before mid-November. Oh sure, how could I ever get anything done if I started early? Procrastinator being my middle name-nothing ever gets done unless it's under pressure. Why? How would I know, something in the genes, perhaps. That's an easy cop-out don't you think? Blame it on the ancestors.


  1. I really like those brown socks. Now how about a closer look?
    I drove into Quebec and stayed at the first hotel I saw which was on the right hand side as soon as I crossed that scary bridge over what seemed a mile deep gorge. My major problem with Quebec City was getting out! It wasn't signposted. I have photographs of icebergs floating down the st Lawrence.

  2. Colin, I'm so thrilled - you are my very first comment!

    Back to the knitting. The socks are actually meant to be slipper socks, made with *blush* Bernat Berella 4, left over from the Faroese Flower Shawl by Lucy Neatby. I knit these for a Christmas gift for my SIL who is one of the world's good people. I'm really lucky that way.

    The pattern I picked up on the internet, just a plain K,P2 rib for worsted weight, which I slightly modified with a twisted rib stitch every second rib (too many ribs!). I continued the pattern down the heel flap as the socks are not meant to be worn under shoes and I thought it looked fun.

    I haven't been to Quebec City for quite some time. I live more to the west and south of Montreal, about 40 miles or so from the Vermont border, it's called the Eastern Townships, Les Cantons de l'Est in french (which we need to know here of course).

    Hope the info on the socks is sufficient - if not just let me know.

    Thanks again Colin for being my very first commentator!!!