Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Birds

Besides knitting, a few other interests occupy my time. The animals in my life are primary to my survival - and I am also a bit of a bird watcher. At this time of the year it's mostly watching from my kitchen window, or in the back yard when I feed them (a nearly daily chore at this time of the year!). Here are a few pictures taken this week out my kitchen window. Some are snow buntings that only come during bad weather. They will disappear at the first sign of a thaw, or if the days are very sunny and calm. But when the weather is lousy, here come my beautiful little friends, settling in clouds on the ground and in the feeder in my window. Also pictured are the mourning doves, a junco and a female hairy woodpecker on the suet cake on the feeder by one of the trees.

When I'm outside filling the feeders, the snow buntings sit on the power lines and encourage me to hurry up with their little chirping. They are soon joined by mourning doves, blue jays, american tree sparrows, house sparrows, starlings, juncoes, woodpeckers and chickadees - they will come to my hand for sunflower seeds. It's still a thrill for me when this tiny little life puts its trust in me and walks on my outstretched hand!


  1. Beautiful photographs.And I adore snow.

  2. Glad you like them - I too adore the winter, however just about this time of the year I must admit being a little tired of shoveling!