Friday, January 2, 2009


Because I have too many patterns stashed away both on my laptop and in person, and because I have more yarn stash than ever before in my life, so to keep myself busy (?), I've decided to try a new hobby - spinning.

I belong to a Yahoo Group called Traditional Knitting and the list Mom, Liz Lovick, is more than amenable to helping out her members with such good advice and the benefit of her expertise. I pestered the heck out of her yesterday - yes, on New Year's day - trying to decide how I should go about purchasing a drop spindle, and what were her recommendations. She very generously took the time to explain to me about various types of spindles and give me some advice on types of rovings (this may not be the correct terminology, give me a break, I'm just starting out).

There ensued a discussion of my -ugh- wool allergy.......lately I've discovered aplaca, and this sumptuous yarn has become my favourite. Liz gave me her recommendations as to what type of alpaca would be the easiest to spin for a newbie.

I just can't say enough about the invaluable advice I got yesterday, it was so good of her to take time on New Year's to help me out, it's really impressed me no end - as you can see from my going on and on!!


  1. Wool allergies are no fun! I'm sorry!

    Spinning is a wonderful hobby though and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Your terminology sounds spot on to me. :-)

    Not being able to work with wool gives you an excellent excuse to work with bamboo, llama, alpaca, and lots of other special fibers. That's wonderful!

  2. Hi Kat - thanks for the comment! Being new at blogging I'm always amazed when someone actually reads it. Come back often, I'll get better as time goes on I hope......